Leap of Faith...

Or you could call it a free fall. Either way, it was a thrill of a lifetime! I went skydiving this past weekend and I have to say it is the coolest thing I have ever done and cannot wait to go again! My husband has always wanted to go, and when a friend went a few months ago and could not stop talking about it, I told him I would take him for his birthday and we invited any of our friends who could make it. We jumped at Emerald Coast Skydive in Elberta, AL, which is right outside of Gulf Shores, AL. I highly recommend Emerald Coast Skydive and their staff if you want to go skydiving. We jumped Tandem and our instructors were 'Slim' and 'Timber', who have both jumped over 3,500 times. Everyone on staff was so kind, eager, and excited with us. I could talk all day about the adventure, but just to give a you a recap of the jump {to go with the photos below} we checked in at 9am, completed all the paperwork, went through the 'training' video and class, and then got geared up to jump. They currently have their smaller plane which can only carry 2 tandem groups at a time, so we didn't get our jump filmed or photographed, but once the parachute opens you can take your own pictures! {Yes, the parachute ride is that smooth and calm or it can be fast and furious as you want it}. You can exit the plane 3 different ways. The hubby and I chose to step out on the wheel of the plane, while holding onto the prop to the wing and roll off backwards, doing back flips. When else can you hold on to an airplane while it is flying 11,000 feet in the air! It was awesome! The free fall is about a minute long, super fast, loud, and if you blink you miss it. When the parachute opens it is quiet and all you hear is the wind as you normally would. Then you just enjoy your float down! Enjoy the photo montage below {and I am happy to answer any questions}.

We have jumped and opened the parachute. Picture time!

We had so much fun! All happy jumpers!

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