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When Glidden contacted me to see if I would like to 'test drive' their newly formulated paint, at the same great cost, I gladly accepted the offer. In the test drive kit was a Glidden eggshell white, Benjamin Moore Aura eggshell white, and all the tools for the paint experience. I was very excited to compare to the two. The first test was on paper that they provided. Below you will see how the paint covered in brush strokes. The top stripe on each page is two strokes and the bottom line is just one stroke. To me, both went on smooth and covered the black strip equally.

Although I was impressed with the coverage on paper, I wanted to see the paint in action on the wall. I was visiting my parents while doing the paint study and their basement is painted a hunter green {my least favorite color}, which will soon be painted, so I took the liberty to get it started. Below you will see that both covered equally as well by applying with a brush. The last picture is Glidden rolled on with a roller. Glidden rolled on smoothly and covered the the dark green color in just a few paint strokes.

All in all, I am very pleased with Glidden, with the ease of use and coverage, and look forward to using it on my next paint project. Especially with their new paint testers that come in all 282 colors, brush included; that will make selecting the right color much easier.

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