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My mother-in-law emailed me the link to KMAC Greenworks because she thought I might like them...and I do! KMAC Greenworks started in the reclaimed materials industry in 2003 and is a division of KMAC Services that provides industrial recycling focused on the re-manufacture and re-use of industrial byproducts. Greenworks provides homeowners, builders, designers, and architects with sustainable building products in the form of hardwood flooring, beam and timber work, brick, and stone. In addition to the materials, they use the reclaimed wood to build one of a kind distressed furniture pieces as well.

The Greenworks promise: 'In a world of diminishing resources, we provide our clients with sustainable and environmentally friendly building materials. We see beauty and possibility in historic mills and buildings slated for demolition.'

Their warehouse is located in Birmingham, AL (my hometown) and is open to the public. I hope to visit it one day.

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