Day of Rest...

I hope you had a great weekend and a blessed Sunday. Saturday morning I woke up to TJ (the hubby) fixing the chair. He did an awesome job! Afterwards we reupholstered the seat with some left over fabric. Here is the finished product (reminder: its leg and the structural frame was broken). As you can see, we haven't started painting the chairs or the dresser, due to the weather, and the continued discussion of the color. :)

Saturday afternoon, for our rainy day activity, we made it over to one of our favorite antique stores, Kudzu, in Decatur. While there we came across two industrial metal drawers. Only having two drawers in our kitchen we took a tip from This Young House and picked them up for additional storage in the kitchen. We now have our spices more easily accessible and storage for aluminium foil, zip lock bags, twist ties, etc...

At Kudzu, I also picked up some art books at a fabulous cost of $2.50/each, which sparked a spring rearrangement, like The Newlywed Diaries.

The artwork in the background was a quick fix that only cost $18. I went to my local Paper Source and picked this sheet of Lokta Baroque in grey for its soft and natural aesthetic and a frame from Ikea.
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