Please excuse the black boxes with exclamation points. 
Today I found out that all the images on my blog have been deleted and cannot be undone or restored.
4.5 years of blogging gone in a matter of minutes

I joined google+ the other day and when I clicked on albums I thought it had imported photos from my computer. Little did I know that it was somehow linked to my blog {and Picasa} which apparently stores your images even though all my images are saved on my computer, not there. So I just deleted the albums, which deleted EVERY IMAGE EVER POSTED on the blog without notice, message, or warning.  

I am so upset, hurt, mad, sad, pissed, disheartened and dumbfounded that this could and did happen. 

I was able to reload the most recent posts but I do not know what to do about the other 1,003 post that are gone. If any one has any suggestions, please let me know. 

*Update: Thanks for all your support and sweet comments. I save all my images to my computer and upload them from there, so the original source of the image is my computer. That is why I cannot understand how that happened. I hope this helps any other blogger, using any format, to be aware of what can happen. I hope it does not happen to anyone else. 
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