To Wash & To Fold...

This week I had to catch up on all our laundry. We have a stackable in a small closet (I'm not even sure how it got in there! See image below). So when I came across these images at BHG, I was swooning at the spaces! Don't get me wrong, I feel so blessed to have our own laundry space! A year ago when we were renting we used a coin laundry in the basement of our apartment (that 10 other tenants used as well). It was quite a task to do the laundry; making sure we always had $2.oo in quarters ($1 to wash/dry), and carrying the laundry and detergent up and down two flights of stairs. I look forward to the day of having a 'laundry space', where I can wash, dry, hang, iron, and fold. A girl can dream right. Do you have any horror laundry stories or a dream laundry room ?

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