Living with Collections...

When I saw both of these photos (Above from Martha, below from Country Home) it instantly reminded me of my mother. She has been collecting milk glass for many years and has built up a nice collection, displayed in a cabinet with beadboard back (no animals though).
A few other collections they showcased were:



vintage shaving brushes

vintage matchbooks
(Which reminded me of Erika's collection.
Can't wait to see how she displays them.)

and glass (my favorite)

Which brings me to my collection and love for vintage wine bottles.I can't get enough of them. They are displayed on top of my kitchen cabinets. I collect shades of greens, blues, and teals; and have a few clear glass as well. I love when the sun shines in and splashes color from the glass.

What do you love and collect? Showcase it this week!
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